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Welcome to the World Map of Marian Shrines

The World Map of Marian Shrines allows you to discover the different chapels, churches and shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary around the world.

You can contribute to expanding and enriching the website. Everybody is invited contribute to the World Map of Marian Shrines, which can be seen online at You can help make the World Map of Marian Shrines a better website today!

The first step is to submit your articles and get them approved by the Mary of Nazareth Team. It is possible for a representative of any shrine, chapel, church or institution devoted to the Virgin Mary to send us photos (must be royalty free) with original articles giving details of the history of the shrine, its spirituality, the miracles or apparitions that happened there, important feast days in the year, website address and any other useful information. The articles should be written and illustrated in the following manner:

  1. A photo used for the main shrine page, usually of the exterior of the shrine or of the statue of Our Lady.
  2. A preliminary overview article no longer than 12 lines or no more than 80 words giving a brief summary of the shrine’s history for the main page.
  3. Secondly, it is a good idea to submit various photos no smaller than 360x360 pixels.
  4. Then, it is possible to prepare a series of longer texts on the history, presentation, related info, news, prayers and the testimonies of eyewitnesses.

To make the selection of your proposition easier, it is imperative to send your file with a note of approval from the parish priest or local church authority, providing their telephone and Internet details.

For more information: